last week was patchday, so Microsoft released new updates.

Disable overlay icons in TSVN options.

Am Freitag, 13. April 2018 15:25:30 UTC+2 schrieb Luc Van der Veken:
> Since the beginning of this week, my Windows 10 explorer has suddenly 
> become extremely slow in some actions, with no visible effect on others.
> Navigating through different folders is a snap, but bringing up a context 
> menu takes forever, and opening a file sometimes sits in between (but far 
> from always, 90% of the time there's no visible delay).
> Because I first assumed they would be responsible (again), I sent a screen 
> capture video to our IT department where you can see it take *49 seconds* 
> between a right click on a file and the moment the context menu pops up. 
> That was a file on a network share where no svn repositories are located 
> anywhere nearby.
> (the screen video shows nothing really relevant to Tortoise, so I'm not 
> including it here.)
> Once the menu appears, explorer behaves approximately normal until you 
> close its window. Open a new one, and the problem comes back.
> The effect is less severe on local disks, but the symptoms exist there 
> too. 
> As the week went by, I managed to gradually pinpoint the problem to 
> "something to do with icons", discovered that resetting the icon cache made 
> no difference, and in the end I discovered just now that the problem 
> completely goes away when I uninstall TortoiseSVN, and comes back after the 
> first reboot when I reinstall it.
> Now I didn't update or upgrade Tortoise recently, so I think some Windows 
> 10 update that came in over the weekend or early on Monday, or something 
> like that, must also be involved.
> Anyone else with this problem?

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