I'm getting "Error: Authorization failed" when accessing SVN freshly installed 
on CentOS 8.

My only clue is that the header on the TortoiseSVN "Commit" screen is 
"svn://MyDomain.com/ScriptStuff(ATL)/trunk" when in fact the repository was 
installed at "var/svn" on the CentOS server hosting "MyDomain.com".

I'd be obliged if someone can spot my misstep or knowledgeably speculate on why 
the realm set to ScriptStuff in the server somehow morphed into 
"ScriptStuff(ATL)" in the TortoiseSVN commit screen on Windows 10.

Here's what I did starting with installing SVN on CentOS 8 and ending with 
accessing the remote CentOS server using TortoiseSVN on Windows 10:

1) In CentOS 8 as root used "svnadmin create /var/svn" to create repository at 

2) In CentOS 8 as root started the svnserve daemon: "svnserve -d -r /var/svn"

3) In CentOS 8 as rootEdited /var/svn/conf/svnserve.conf to include:
   auth-access = read
   auth-access = write
   password-db = passwd
...authz-db = authz
   realm = ScriptStuff

4) In CentOS 8 as root edited /var/svn/conf/passwd "[users]" block to include:
   User1 = UsrPasswd

5) In Windows 10 using Mozilla (FireFox) tested successfully with 

6) In Windows 10 using Windows Explorer launched TortoiseSVN Settings/Network 
   Enable Proxy Server checked
   Server address set to "svn://MyDomain.com/ScriptStuff"
   Username set to "User1"
   Password set to "UsrPasswd"

7) In Windows 10 when I right click on a directory in Windows Explorer to 
upload the directory to the repository using "SVN Commit", the heading reads:

8) Continuing the commit process in Windows 10 I get "Error: Authorization 
failed" even when flushing the TortoiseSVN Saved Data and signing in manually 
   Username as "User1"
   Password as "UsrPasswd"

Your thoughts and comments will be appreciated!

Nate I.  6/12/2018

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