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>BTW I don`t know if anyone can remember but a good few years ago
> Sega were set to release a game on the Megadrive featuring Madness.
> I can`t recall the details but I do remember that the idea was to get the
> band round a town picking up records and getting into the charts
> (chart placings presumable replacing points!). It was supposed to
> feature the whole band and have various singles playing in the
>background. Has anyone else heard of this or know what - if anything
> - became of it?

Wow, this old chestnut again. Perhaps it should feature in an FAQ?

The game was actually going to be released by Gremlin Graphics (not Sega)
for the Sega Megadrive (Genesis to you Stateside Mads).

Basically, Gremlin decided to use their Amiga game `Harlequin` and change
the graphics and the music to be Madness related rather than the dreamy
graphics featured in Harlequin.

I'm not sure if the band were actually going to be featured in the game as
Gremlin devised some strange character (who's name escapes me at the moment)
who the player would control. In the background, it was planned that some
awful 6 channel Yamaha sound-chip induced ditties would be playing away.

Unfortunately the bottom dropped out of the console market and Gremlin
decided to can the Madness computer game and so it was never released. Ex
MML subscriber Jacco Van't Reit (did I spell that correctly) did offer his
services with regards to helping to produce the game after he had worked on
previous projects for the Gremlin team but this unfortunately didn't happen.

Track down an Amiga and a copy of Harlequin to see how your Madness game
would have played.

All the nutty best,

Robert Hazelby
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