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  Layouts unit tests fail on Yakkety

Status in ubuntu-ui-toolkit package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
/«BUILDDIR»/ubuntu-ui-toolkit-1.3.2104+16.10.20160919.2/tests/*.xml || exit 1; 
pep8 /«BUILDDIR»/ubuntu-ui-toolkit-1.3.2104+16.10.20160919.2 || exit 1;
  3 fatal warnings which MUST be fixed:

  Only warnings, but our shell script checks for warnings and makes them

  ********* Start testing of tst_Layouts *********
  Config: Using QtTest library 5.6.1, Qt 5.6.1 (x86_64-little_endian-lp64 
shared (dynamic) release build; by GCC 6.2.0 20160914)
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::initTestCase()
  [New Thread 0x7fffe1824700 (LWP 19588)]
  [New Thread 0x7fffe1023700 (LWP 19589)]
  [New Thread 0x7fffe0822700 (LWP 19590)]
  [New Thread 0x7fffe0021700 (LWP 19591)]
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19592)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19592) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_NoLayouts()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19593)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19593) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_SimpleLayout()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19594)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19594) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_SimpleLayout_Medium()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19595)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19595) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_SimpleLayout_Large()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19596)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19596) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_OverlappingCondition()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19597)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19597) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_ExternalLayouts()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19598)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19598) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_ExternalLayouts_Medium()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19599)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19599) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_ExternalLayouts_Large()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19600)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19600) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_NestedLayouts()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19601)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19601) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_NestedLayouts_ExtraLarge()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19602)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19602) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_ResizingContainers()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19603)]
  XFAIL  : tst_Layouts::testCase_CurrentLayoutChange() Layout change should not 
happen when component is not defined
     Loc: [tst_layouts.cpp(387)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19603) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_CurrentLayoutChange()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19604)]
  XFAIL  : tst_Layouts::testCase_PositioningOnLayoutChange() Layout change 
should not happen when component is not defined
     Loc: [tst_layouts.cpp(408)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19604) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_PositioningOnLayoutChange()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19605)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19605) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_LaidOutItemsOutsideOfLayout()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19606)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19606) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_OverlaidInItemLayout()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19607)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19607) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_AnchorFilledReparenting()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19608)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19608) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_AnchorFilledMargins()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19609)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19609) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_AnchorFilledSeparateMargins()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19610)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19610) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_AnchorCenteredInDefault()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19611)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19611) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_AnchorVerticalCenter()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19612)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19612) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_AnchorVerticalCenterOffset()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19613)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19613) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_AnchorHorizontalCenter()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19614)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19614) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_AnchorHorizontalCenterOffset()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19615)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19615) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_AnchorCenterWithOffset()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19616)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19616) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_AnchorLeft()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19617)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19617) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_AnchorTop()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19618)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19618) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_AnchorRight()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19619)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19619) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_AnchorBottom()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19620)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19620) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_AnchorAll()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19621)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19621) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_ItemInstanceAsProperty()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19622)]
  QWARN  : tst_Layouts::testCase_DialerCrash() libpng warning: iCCP: known 
incorrect sRGB profile
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19622) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_DialerCrash()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19623)]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19623) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_ExcludedItemDeleted()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19624)]
  QDEBUG : tst_Layouts::testCase_Visibility() qml: 
Page_QMLTYPE_166(0x555555e3ddd0)"Conditional Layouts with PageStack": In 
Ubuntu.Components 1.3, the use of Page.title, Page.flickable and Page.head is 
deprecated. Use Page.header and the PageHeader component instead.
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19624) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_Visibility()
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19625)]
  QWARN  : tst_Layouts::testCase_NestedVisibility(portrait) libpng warning: 
iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
  [New Thread 0x7fffd7fff700 (LWP 19626)]
  QDEBUG : tst_Layouts::testCase_NestedVisibility(portrait) qml: Page.tools is 
a deprecated property. Please use Page.head instead.
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19625) exited]
  [Thread 0x7fffd7fff700 (LWP 19626) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_NestedVisibility(portrait)
  [New Thread 0x7fffd7fff700 (LWP 19627)]
  QWARN  : tst_Layouts::testCase_NestedVisibility(landscape) libpng warning: 
iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
  [New Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19628)]
  QDEBUG : tst_Layouts::testCase_NestedVisibility(landscape) qml: Page.tools is 
a deprecated property. Please use Page.head instead.
  [Thread 0x7fffd7fff700 (LWP 19627) exited]
  [Thread 0x7fffdf820700 (LWP 19628) exited]
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::testCase_NestedVisibility(landscape)
  PASS   : tst_Layouts::cleanupTestCase()
  Totals: 37 passed, 0 failed, 0 skipped, 0 blacklisted
  ********* Finished testing of tst_Layouts *********

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