Seems to me like we're at the point where considering a straight revert
of the SRU would be in order (and I'm certainly considering it for the
short term), in order to move forward again at a later time when this is
more solid -- not that the end goal is still going to be happening
(though maybe not in 16.04), that is to gradually remove klibc from the
initramfs. That *will* require changes, such as we see here. If you
never fail, it's because you're not innovating...

The changes here were motivated by providing IPv6 support for MaaS
deployments in v6-only and mixed networks.

>From my understanding of things, we've now fixed (in 0.122ubuntu8.4) the
issues with ip=dhcp and some other ip= forms being parsed incorrectly.

There are still two outstanding issues:
 - boot speed (I suspect there is only a limited amount of things we can do 
about this, given the use of dhclient).
 - "portfast behavior", which is how we handle delays in getting a response 
from a DHCP server. There was definitely a regression there, for which I have a 
fix in my ppa at ppa:cyphermox/maas.

Are there any other outstanding issues? If so, what kernel command-line
are you using, and please include the exact messages on screen (or in
logs) so we can know what we're dealing with.

You received this bug notification because you are a member of Ubuntu
Touch seeded packages, which is subscribed to initramfs-tools in Ubuntu.

  No networking with initramfs-tools 0.122ubuntu8.3 and ip=dhcp boot

Status in initramfs-tools package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Committed
Status in initramfs-tools source package in Xenial:
  Fix Committed
Status in initramfs-tools source package in Yakkety:
  Fix Committed
Status in initramfs-tools source package in z-series:
  Fix Committed

Bug description:

   * 0.122ubuntu8.3 of initramfs-tools no longer correctly processed
  ip=dhcp or ip=:::::eth0:dhcp

   * Regression-updates

   * The fix better parses the ip= command line argument.

  [Test Case]

   * Create a machine that boots using an nfsroot.

   * Use ip=:::::eth0:dhcp on the kernel command line.  To set up

   * Discover that the device never comes up because, networking is not
  configured correctly.

  [Regression Potential]

   * Regressions potential is limited to machines using
  ip={""|::::*|on|any|dhcp} on the kernel command line.  As this is
  already broken regression potential is minimal.  This is common on
  machines that use nfsroot or otherwise pxe boot.

  [Other Info]

   * There are a number of other issues in this code base that are not solved 
by this fix.
     - The ?*:?*:?*:?*: use case falls through to the default case, and likely 
breaks there.  As such static assignment via ip= appears broken
   * The networking configuration does not strictly follow the kernel 
documentation as described . This 
should be fixed.

  This bug is a regression of changes made under bug 1628306.

  ====================Original Bug Description Follows==================

  initramfs-tools 0.122ubuntu8.3 introduced a serious regression where
  networking is not initialized when the boot option "ip=dhcp" is
  provided. We are seeing this problem in AWS, but cannot confirm if
  this issue is specific to AWS or will occur with different hardware or
  in different environments.

  Removing "ip=dhcp" from the boot options with 0.122ubuntu8.3 results
  in networking being configured.

  The issue does not occur with 0.122ubuntu8.2 or previous versions when
  "ip=dhcp" is set.

  AWS has no console so debugging is not a trivial task. I do have a
  console log with some output, and will update this bug shortly with

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