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  New bugfix release 17.2.8

Status in mesa package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in mesa source package in Xenial:
  Fix Committed
Status in mesa source package in Artful:
  Fix Released

Bug description:

  A new upstream bugfix release is available. Release note diff compared
  to 17.2.4:

  Mesa 17.2.5 is now available.

  In this release we have:

  In Mesa Core a GL error related to the ARB_ES3_1_compatibility spec
  noticed with the GFXBench 5 Aztec Ruins has been corrected. 

  The GLSL compiler is not giving a linker error for mismatching uniform
  precision with GLSL ES 1.00 any more. This enables, specially, several
  Android applications which violate this rule, like Forge of Empires,
  for example.

  The SPIR-V compiler has corrected an assert triggered when support for
  the simple memory model was claimed.

  NIR has also received a correction related with

  The Intel drivers, specially i965, have received several fixes,
  including a plug for a memory leak and another one in the compiler to
  avoid GPU hangs on Broxton.

  The gallium i915g driver for Intel has also seen an important

  AMD drivers, mostly radv, have also received several fixes, including a
  correction for a DCC corruption that was visible with Rust, breaking an
  endless loop in r600, avoiding a GPU hang with vulkan dota2 in VR mode
  and a plug for a memory leak.

  Broadcom's vc4 has gotten a fix to compile out some non-debug code that
  shouldn't be there for the release build.


  Mesa 17.2.6 is now available.

  In this release we have:

  In Mesa Core we have included a correction to keep a program alive when
  re-linking and prevent an use-after-free.

  The GLSL compiler has received several fixes, including one to prevent
  a SIGSEV when calling an undeclared subroutine in certain conditions
  and another to mark the xfb buffers as active only if a variable uses

  The SPIR-V compiler has corrected a couple of issues involving the
  usage of separate images and texture/samplers.

  The Intel drivers include many new fixes, specially for i965. Several 
  are focused on improving SIMD32 and little-core. It also includes a fix
  for a GPU hang which was detected while playing HW accelerated video
  with mpv.

  The AMD drivers have also received some care. radv has seen plugged 2
  memory leaks while r600 has gotten a fix through reversing the tess
  factor components for isolines.

  The swr driver has corrected two performance regressions, one for the
  avx512 platforms and the other for the avx/avx2 platforms.

  In the ddebug gallium driver we have a fix for an use-after-free.

  On the EGL side, the Wayland platform of the the DRI2 drivers has
  received a fix to prevent crashing in ancient systems.

  GLX has also received corrections to prevent a couple of errors when
  creating and binding a context in DRI3 and DRISW, respectively.

  From build and integration point of view, we have added some few more
  fixes, including one to allow building libglvnd when EGL is present but
  not GLX, another to enable building targets which don't need X11, such
  as omx and va, when XCB is not present, and another one to be able to
  specify the prefix installation for the OpenCL icd file.


  Mesa 17.2.7 is now available.

  In this release we have:

  The current queue consists of a variety of fixes, with a sizeable hunk in the
  shared GLSL codebase.

  Whereas for individual drivers - i965 has a crash fix for when playing various
  Valve games, r600 and nouveau have tweaks in their compiler backends. Fast
  clears on radeonsi and RADV are better now, while the VAAPI encoding is 
  nicely with GStreamer.

  The WGL state tracker and SWR driver have also seen minor

  To top of up - Mesa should build fine with the latest glibc 2.17.


  Mesa 17.2.8 is now available.

  In this release we have:

  The SPIR-V compiler has seen corrected a possible SEGFAULT.

  The Intel i965 driver includes a correction for Haswell involving
  doubles management. 

  The AMD drivers have also received some fixes. A couple have gone for
  radv and radeon's VCE while r600 has seen corrected some glitches
  detected with This War of Mine.

  Gallium has also received a patch fixing a problem affecting the VMware
  driver and the st/nine state tracker.

  The endianness detection in Windows platform has been corrected to
  default to little endian.

  Finally, the X11 driver has been improved to notify properly a mesa
  warning rather than using fprintf.

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  [Regression potential]

  These releases are tested against compliance, bugfix releases in particular 
have minimal risk of regressing anything major at least.

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