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  systemd-rfkill service times out when a new rfkill device is added

Status in systemd package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released
Status in systemd source package in Artful:
  Fix Committed

Bug description:

  The following issue was observed while running network-
  manager=1.8.4-1ubuntu3 autopkgtest on Artful with

  Nov 21 17:00:32 autopkgtest systemd[1]: Starting Load/Save RF Kill Switch 
  Nov 21 17:01:02 autopkgtest systemd[1]: systemd-rfkill.service: Start 
operation timed out. Terminating.
  Nov 21 17:01:02 autopkgtest systemd[1]: Failed to start Load/Save RF Kill 
Switch Status.
  Nov 21 17:01:02 autopkgtest systemd[1]: systemd-rfkill.service: Unit entered 
failed state.
  Nov 21 17:01:02 autopkgtest systemd[1]: systemd-rfkill.service: Failed with 
result 'timeout'.

  This happens after the testcase inserts the fake-rfkill module (a
  module shipped with network-manager tests that registers a new fake
  device with the rfkill subsystem).

  On Artful, it causes the network-manager autopkgtest killswitches-no-
  urfkill to fail (see bug 1733321). The testcase reveals that when
  running network-manager cli to query the status of a WiFi interface
  ('nmcli radio wifi') it can report the wrong state of the device after
  'rfkill block/unblock' is run to change the device 'Soft blocked'
  state. This can affect the state of the device presented to the user.


  The issue is fixed by the following systemd upstream patches:


  commit 8ec1a07998758f6a85f3ea5bf2ed14d87609398f
  Author: S. Fan <sfanxi...@gmail.com>
  Date:   Mon Jul 31 05:10:10 2017 -0500

      rfkill: fix erroneous behavior when polling the udev monitor

      Comparing udev_device_get_sysname(device) and sysname will always return
      true. We need to check the device received from udev monitor instead.

      Also, fd_wait_for_event() sometimes never exits. Better set a timeout


  commit c7f6ca9379279affa8f22d15fa13063491f86a49
  Author: Xiang Fan <sfanxi...@gmail.com>
  Date:   Wed Aug 9 05:51:53 2017 -0500

      rfkill: fix typo (#6574)

  With the fixes, the output from systemd-rfkill is:

  Nov 28 15:27:54 autopkgtest systemd[1]: Starting Load/Save RF Kill Switch 
  Nov 28 15:27:59 autopkgtest systemd-rfkill[14843]: Timed out waiting for udev 
  Nov 28 15:27:59 autopkgtest systemd[1]: Started Load/Save RF Kill Switch 

  The patches are needed to fix the ADT tests observed with Artful tests on 
ppc64el architecture:

  [Test Case]

  2.1. Download network-manager package source code
  $ apt-get source network-manager

  2.2. Run killswitches-no-urfkill testcase
  $ cd network-manager-1.8.4
  $ sudo ./debian/tests/killswitches-no-urfkill

  [Regression Potential]

  Most of the network-manager and rfkill functionalities that can be
  affected by this change are tested by killswitches-no-urfkill
  testcase. It covers querying the WiFi device state using nmcli and the
  following rfkill commands: list, block and unblock. These have been
  verified to be either fixed or not having regressions.

  The only rfkill command that is not covered by the testcase is
  'event', which listens to rfkill events and display them. I have run
  tests manually and verified that it's not affected by these changes.
  These are the outputs from the unpatched and patched systemd versions
  while running the killswitches-no-urfkill testcase, which adds the
  rfkill device, blocks and unbloks it and removes the device (the idx
  value is expected to be different):

  systemd 234-2ubuntu12.1:
  $ sudo rfkill event
  1513163787.877080: idx 3 type 1 op 0 soft 0 hard 0
  1513163818.118695: idx 3 type 1 op 2 soft 1 hard 0
  1513163818.222639: idx 3 type 1 op 2 soft 0 hard 0
  1513163818.254778: idx 3 type 1 op 1 soft 0 hard 0

  systemd 234-2ubuntu12.2:
  $ sudo rfkill event
  1513164121.690285: idx 0 type 1 op 0 soft 0 hard 0
  1513164151.996227: idx 0 type 1 op 2 soft 1 hard 0
  1513164152.114794: idx 0 type 1 op 2 soft 0 hard 0
  1513164152.140536: idx 0 type 1 op 1 soft 0 hard 0

  Regression potential is also minimized by the fact that the fix has
  been applied some months ago on upstream github repo and it's being
  shipped with systemd on Bionic (systemd=235-3ubuntu2).

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