This looks good in overall. I trust that you are confident that the new 
pango1.0 will migrate without any bigger issues, especially seeing how many 
reverse-dependencies it has. I also hope there is no ABI break introduced in 
the two new versions? The changelogs do not seem to mention anything 
explicitly. Wouldn't want us to require additional rebuilds so late in the 
Have you tested the packages from the PPA?

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  [ffe] Update to 1.44.6

Status in pango1.0 package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  There are a lot of changes in pango1.0 since the version we currently
  have in eoan. We held off updating because there was a test failure.
  This has been resolved in the latest release, so we'd like to go for
  the update now.

  Overview of changes in 1.44.6
  - docs: Fix symbol indices
  - Fix Thai line breaking
  - Re-add symbols needed by some bindings
  - Don't insert hyphens for some languages
  - Fix a crash with hyphenation

  Overview of changes in 1.44.5
  - Revert a broken change (causing crashes on OS X)

  Overview of changes in 1.44.4
  - Add an insert-hyphens attribute
  - Reinstate the return type of pango_fc_font_lock_face
  - Fix a problem with ellipses getting the wrong font
  - fc: Improve filtering by font format
  - Re-add PangoFcFont to public headers
  - Install PangoFc and PangoOT introspection files
  - Fix ink rectangles to have positive height
  - Fix mark positioning
  - Switch to using harfbuzz for metrics

  Overview of changes in 1.44.3
  - Install pango-ot headers
  - Make subpixel positioning optional
  - fc: Ignore fonts with unsupported formats

  Overview of changes in 1.44.2
  - Disable ligatures when letterspacing
  - Set design coords on hb_font_t
  - Expose more font options in pango-view
  - OS X: Make 'system-ui' font work
  - Keep deprecated pango-fc apis in headers
  - Make hex boxes work, always
  - introspection: Various build fixes
  - introspection: Add PangoPT, PangoFT2 namespaces
  - layout: Make the new line-spacing opt-in

  Overview of changes in 1.44.1
  - Fix a crash with allow_break attributes
  - Fix Emoji spacing
  - Fix up includes and pkg-config requires
  - Correct some cases for hyphen insertion

  Overview of changes in 1.44.0
  - Use harfbuzz for shaping on all platforms
  - Stop using freetype for font loading; this
      drops support for type1 and bitmap fonts
  - Add a getter for hb_font_t
  - Make PangoCoverage a GObject
  - Add a pango_tailor_break api
  - font metrics: Add line height
  - layout: Support line spacing
  - layout: Draw hyphens for line breaks
  - Add an attribute to suppress line breaking
  - cairo: Don't render hex boxes for space
  - Add an attribute to show invisible characters
  - Stop quantizing glyph positions
  - Add tests for itemization and line breaking
  - Remove language and shape engine remnants
  - Rename meson options: gtk_doc, introspection
  - Require GLib 2.59.2
  - Require Harfbuzz 2.0

  Overview of changes in 1.43.0
  - Drop autotools
  - Drop Visual Studio build
  - Build with meson everywhere
  - Update Emoji tables for Unicode 11
  - Update test data for Unicode 11
  - Fix a crash with Thai breaking
  - Fix a crash with font variations
  - Deprecate bidi apis in favor of fribidi
  - Add a variable font family api
  - Improve font fallback handling on win32

  And see posts from upstream

  for the new features.

  We'd like to update to it, if possible.

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