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  Policy needs improved feature versioning to ensure it is correctly
  being applied

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Bug description:
  [ Impact ]

  Currently allows pinning a single feature abi or running in a
  developer mode where the full abi available of the current kernel is

  However this can result in breaking applications in undesirable ways.

  If an application is shipped with its own policy, that policy might be
  different than the pinned feature abi, which can either result in
  denials because features the policy was not developed for are being

  If the feature version is not pinned then the most recent kernel abi
  is taken and applied to policy, which has not been updated. This can
  result in denials for userspace effectively breaking userspace. This
  is less than ideal for most users as it leads to a bad experience than
  they have not opted into and can lead to them disabling security

  [ Test Plan ]

  The test can be done with several features. Here we are using mqueue as an 
  Verify that the kernel that has mqueue mediation support:
  root@ubuntu:~# [ -e /sys/kernel/security/apparmor/features/ipc/posix_mqueue ] 
&& echo "supports mqueue"
  supports mqueue

  cd /tmp
  pull-ppa-source --ppa georgiag/mqueue-sru apparmor focal
  cd apparmor-2.13.3/tests/regression/apparmor/
  USE_SYSTEM=1 make

  Using the parser from the mqueue-sru PPA, load the profile.
  echo "
  abi <kernel>,
  include <tunables/global>
  /tmp/apparmor-2.13.3/tests/regression/apparmor/posix_mq_rcv {
    include <abstractions/base>
    /tmp/apparmor-2.13.3/tests/regression/apparmor/posix_mq_snd ux,
  " | apparmor_parser -q -r

  Run the test, which should fail.
  ./posix_mq_rcv -c ./posix_mq_snd
  FAIL - could not open mq: Permission denied

  Now use an abi that does not have mqueue. This simulates a scenario
  where a policy was developed before mqueue support was added, so posix
  message queues should be allowed by default.

  echo "
  abi <abi/2.13>,
  include <tunables/global>
  /tmp/apparmor-2.13.3/tests/regression/apparmor/posix_mq_rcv {
    include <abstractions/base>
    /tmp/apparmor-2.13.3/tests/regression/apparmor/posix_mq_snd ux,
  " | apparmor_parser -q -r

  Run the test again, it should pass.
  ./posix_mq_rcv -c ./posix_mq_snd

  [ Where problems could occur ]

  ABI pinning forces policies that don't have abi specified in their
  profile to use the ABI pinned in parser.conf. When the ABI is pinned
  and the user is trying to use mediation that is not in the pinned ABI,
  they might be confused why it is always being allowed. This can be
  circumvented by specifying the correct abi in the profile.

  [ Other Info ]

  The patches for focal (apparmor-2.13) can be found at:
  apparmor-3.0 already has this feature.

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