Hello everybody, my SBT refuses to listen to me... 

Every once in a while I used to connect my PC to the SBT (via WLAN) to
update/extend my music collection residing on the SBT (USB stick).
Usually this worked fine. However, since I upgraded my PC from Win7 to
Win10 (x64), I cannot anymore connect to the SBT. Error message on PC is
something like: "Connection not accepted by remote device". On the other
hand, if I run the Logitech Media Server residing on my PC, the SBT
itself connects to my PC and I can, without any problem, switch the SBT
from using its own "tiny" server to using the Logitech server on my PC.

So one way it works fine, and that most likely means it's generally
working. It's probably only an incorrect setting on my PC which prevents
me to directly contact the box. 

Does anybody of you folks have an idea where to search for those
critical settings?

Thanks for your helping,

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