Dear all,

since I posted this question in the respective forum of RME already -
resulting in over 3500 clicks in a mere 3 weeks but zero replies - I
thought I might try it here...

Did anybody manage to get the SBT "working" with RME's ADI-2 Pro through
USB, i.e. using EDO?  
SPDIF obviously works fine (showing correct 44.1kHz upto 192kHz sample
rates) but connecting the SBT through USB results in "768kHz int" in
RME's display and no output signal… I assume this being a „Kernel
issue“ of the SBT (also tried Standard, #7,#11 and #12 Kernel with no
success). Aries Mini, Fiio X5, X7 and Chord Mojo all work flawlessly
with SBT but not ADI-2 Pro... I also checked the  spreadsheet compiled
for working DAC's but nobody seems to be using RME... 

Any hints?


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