The files are ALAC. I always thought the Touch could natively play ALAC.
When I changed the File settings: -


The files play without any "stuttering". So the problem was the Touch
not being able to convert big ALAC files to FLAC quick enough?

One thing I noticed on the Touch it says "Bitrate: 2881kbps VBR
(converted to 705kbps FLAC)" This seems very odd as I though ALAC was as
efficient a format as ALAC (more or less).

Mnyb wrote: 
> Yes Touch do 24/96 FLAC or WAV/PCM natively .
> I'd suggest you use flac or let the server encode to flac if your files
> are wav alac or aiff .
> It's default setup to do this but check your settings .
> That said 24/96 over wifi can be a close shave if it works good for you
> otherwise get wired . It works if the wifi is just perfect , the
> percentage Indicator is rather simplistic it does not tell the whole
> story .
> Wav/pcm over wifi is harder as the bitrate is almost double . Flac saves
> bandwith.
> It will take less time to drill some holes and pull wires than figure
> the perfect wifi settings .
> Power line adapters is an easier option if they work .

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