musistorr wrote: 
> Yes: that’s exactly what I’m comparing - thank you for the
> clarity! ���� And I’m doing so like
> this: Netgear > WiFi router >  iPeng app/iPhone 8 > Bluetooth >
> headphones. 
> Now, as Deezer streamed in the iPhone app is good I must remove the
> Bluetooth link as the suspect (and the AKG gets a big thunbs up on
> bluetooth quality anyway) 
> and
> when playing the flac files through my Dacmagic 100 > main amp/speakers
> the SQ is good.
> So I must assume possibles are:
> • The WiFi dacmagic is smoothing things out but is bypassed when I
> connect to the netgear/Squeeze Server directly via iPeng.
> • The flac files are somehow not translating well across iPeng
> direct to my iPhone. 
> It seems strange and disappointing that this should be: I had assumed my
> ripped files to be about the best quality I would get between the two
> sources. I don’t really want to feel I have to rely on Deezer when
> listening to music at home on headphones and I do prefer the convenience
> of listening this way (Bluetooth/headphones) rather than faff with
> headphone amps & wires etc - been there done that as they say, many
> years ago!
> Maybe I’m stuck with this until my tech moves
> on....��

iPeng can play FLAC natively but if you then send it via Bluetooth there
is some compressing going on in your iPhone to present it to your
Bluetooth headphones
Basic Deezer is MP3 unless I am mistaken and therefore a lower bit rate
but it will also be getting the compression treatment to send via
I use an iPhone/iPeng combination with FLAC and a pair of top notch
wired headphones - it sounds great to me

Bluetooth isn't Hi-Fi - it can't be

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