drmatt wrote: 
> Seems to be another thread on this at the moment too. Short answer is
> no. Most of the usb power packs either don't support power pass-through
> or they momentarily drop power output when the input power changes
> state, making them perfectly legit chargers for batteries, but terrible
> UPSs. They don't quote this behaviour in any docs so you'd have to buy
> 20 and maybe find one chipset that works 
> There's an open source ups project that is attempting to freshen up ups
> design. After all 90% of home UPS designs still use crappy lead acid
> batteries and pretty old tech control systems. The market has been
> stagnant for two decades.
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Thanks for that.  

My project has stalled as I'm now hunting for a decent bt headphone set
for classical ... folk music genre.  Not easy to find something which
doesn't break the budget (given the GBP has crashed even lower on brexit
nonsense)!   The online video reviews are hopeless.

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