> Wait, your git --describe is finding a random tarball in some other
> directory?
> That's really broken.
> That's a pretty clear yocto bug (one I can't reproduce), but if you're
> adding a workaround for this yocto bug the easy thing to do is keep
> GITHASH if it's already be set, not add a second special case variable.

Replace "yocto" with "project using git + building toybox"

make.sh sets GITHASH because the "." directory is "under" git.
/proj/whatever/ ... was checked out of git and contains:
... "git describe --tags --abbrev=12" prints out the tag/hash
for parent project whatever ... not for toybox.tgz.

GITHASH is technically correct, but annoyingly unhelpful.

How shall I force "toybox --version" to print "toybox 0.7.4"
instead of "toybox whatever-16.0.0-222-ge7bb9e918200"
just because the toybox build dir is "under" a git dir?

The patch I submitted added a check for GITHASH_DISABLE.
If that variable is set, then GITHASH will not be set.
so that "toybox --version" will print "0.7.4"

root-cause-fix would be fixing make/build such that
"toybox --version" prints "toybox 0.7.4.{GITHASH}"

lazy-yocto-fix was sed 's/git describe/git-stopit describe/'

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