I have been working on an arbitrary precision library for the toybox
project so as to support `bc' for the past half of a year. To expedite
the project I recruited Gavin Howard, Bao Hexing, Zach van Rijn and
Adrian Parvin D. Ouano and also received some help from Graham Watt
and Tuomo Venäläinen.

Gavin Howard was recruited to implement the actual bc language. After
many months of complaints from him and dealing with his suggestions
for API redesign and at the very end stages of the mathematics library
completion -- Howard has announced that he will no longer be using the
rest of our work and has in two weeks written his own arbitrary
precision implementation which he will be using for bc instead.

As a student and part time free software volunteer, after having
implemented algorithm D division, karatsuba multiplication and
floating point details -- I don't have time to fight this type of
Machiavellianism any longer or whine about my loss of time so I am
respectfully stepping down.

The rest of the team will continue the research branch of our library
in private (leaving the finished bc type aside and working on
IEEE-754-2008, fixed-point and rational support).

Thank you for your time,
Christopher M. Graff
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