In the interest of preventing a split between standalone and toybox
bc's (when I submit it), I have a couple style questions.

First, about booleans. I have read your thoughts and the LKML post by
Linus. I disagree with Linus, not because I don't think there are
nuances (there are, but I have a good handle on them) but because I do
believe they have good documentation value.

However, in that post, he said that he will never change someone
else's code that uses booleans. Even though you linked to that post, I
am not sure you would or not. And even if you wouldn't, I am not sure
you wouldn't consider the bc submission (when it happens) to be your
own code (for the purposes of booleans only, of course).

So once you get the bc, are you planning on removing booleans?

Second, how do you feel about asserts? As of right now, I am putting
quite a few in to get rid of some status codes. Do you like having
them? Do you want them gone?

Gavin Howard
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