On 3/22/24 16:11, Rob Landley wrote:
> On 3/21/24 21:38, Oliver Webb via Toybox wrote:
>> A mildly annoying issue of you are trying to test with different 
>> implementations of commands
>> such as plan9 ones or sbase or busybox ones, things with different 
>> conflicting implementations 
>> of things like xxd or vi. With this patch you can do "make test_cmd 
>> TEST_HOST=1 C=/path/to/other/cmd"
>> and have it work
> I've been doing "PATH=/path/to/thingy:$PATH TEST_HOST=1 make test_cmd" for
> years, I didn't know that needed to be documented...

P.S. The point of C= being a path is otherwise shell builtins tend to get called
(so you're not necessarily testing what you think you are), and last I checked I
hadn't found a portable mechanism for disabling a specific shell builtin other
than providing a path to the command to run. (If you disable _all_ shell
builtins the test script could break due to missing commands on some systems.)

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