On 5/20/24 23:43, Yi-Yo Chiang via Toybox wrote:
> Don't flush the tty device input queue when setting device attribute.
> Rationale:
>   * microcom: The tty device might already have a _good enough_ termios
>     to read data from. Flushing the input queue just to set the terminal
>     attribute would result in data loss in this case.
>   * stty: This command doesn't read nor write data to the tty device, so
>     flushing the input queue doesn't make sense here. The program
>     actually talking to the tty should decide if it wants the tty
>     flushed or not.
>     Note: other implementations of stty also uses TCSANOW (bsd) or
>     TCSADRAIN (coreutils), so I think this assumption is fine.

Was commit 2043855a4bd5 sufficient or do you still have a use case that needs
this? (Email dated the 20th containing a patch dated the 21st vs a git commit
applied the 23rd...)

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