As previously mentioned, there'll be a TPM microconference at the Linux 
Plumbers Conference in Santa Fe this November. The aim of these 
microconferences is to discuss infrastructural and integration issues 
around Linux, giving domain experts and distribution developers an 
opportunity to figure out what problems exist and how best to solve 

We have a rough schedule which involves the following topics:

* An introduction to the TPM stack, the components that currently exist 
and what we seem to be missing
* Discussion of the Intel and IBM TSS 2.0 stacks
* An overview of how Google make use of TPMs in ChromeOS and what their 
stack looks like
* An attempt to figure out if there's any way we can ship known-good PCR 
values for general-purpose distributions
* What needs to be done to make TPM-based credential (disk encryption, 
ssh keys, and so on) storage practical

If anyone is interested and *hasn't* registered for LPC yet, I have a 
small number of passes available. Please get in touch with me directly 
in the next few days and we'll try to figure something out.
Matthew Garrett | mj...@srcf.ucam.org

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