Quoting Jarkko Sakkinen (2016-10-11 07:41:22)
> The commit is not in 4.8:
> jsakkine at jsakkine-mobl1 in ~/projects/tpm2/git/linux-torvalds
> (master)
> $ git describe --contains 0c54133
> fatal: cannot describe '0c541332231e7957f23013e37f3720db33e7804c'
> It's in fact part of my 4.9 PR:
> https://lkml.org/lkml/2016/9/15/333

Ah, I see, apologies. So, it is/was in the range between v4.8-rc8 and
Linus's tree's HEAD and I mixed the two when I was looking into it.

> I think the issue is this:
> http://git.infradead.org/users/jjs/linux-tpmdd.git/commit/65da72b7ddcdd8990e4783d09c7e86d90ccb4121
> I've sent a PR containing this fix to James Morris but AFAIK he
> hasn't yet pulled it so you either have to stick to 4.8 kernel or
> apply this fix manually.
> Hope this helps.

It does very much, thanks. I applied the patch and it resolves the
issue on my machine.

> /Jarkko


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