On Monday, September 19, 2016 at 4:46:19 AM UTC-7, Tim Graham wrote:
> Hi Ryan,
> Do you figure it's relatively safe to test in production? We don't have a 
> test environment for Django.
> If we had to roll back to 1.0.x would it be feasible?
> Do you have a planned date in mind for the final release (assuming all 
> reported bugs can be fixed in a timely manner)?
> Thanks,
> Tim

Hi Tim,

We've been running 1.2dev on trac.edgewall.org and I think it is pretty 
stable. You'll want to check that all your plugins are compatible with Trac 
1.2. Much of the deprecated API was removed in 1.2, and some plugins may 
not be adapted yet. If you want to post your plugin list here, I would be 
happy to help review it.

Make sure to create a backup of your environment so you can restore if 
something goes wrong:
The database upgrade steps create a backup, but it's always better to be 
safe and make a backup before starting.

You'll also want to read: https://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/1.1/TracUpgrade

There was one minor issue reported over the weekend. If nothing else is 
found by end of the week I'll create the 1.2 release.

- Ryan

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