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Emmanuel Blot wrote:
>> can anyone recommend a test management tool?
>> preferable one that integrates with trac,
>> but otherwise a standalone tool is also fine.
> I'm not sure about what you are looking for, maybe you want have a look
> http://bitten.cmlenz.net/ or http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/ContinuTracPlugin

Hi Manu,

thanks a lot, will have a look at this.
What I'm looking for is about this:
  - a tool where I can document a test manual procedure
    (i.e. "click this" and "type that" etc.)
  - manage those test procedures (put them into groups,
    link them to bug reports, rate them by severity and,
    put them into a logical order). also define several
    test targets (e.g. windows, linux, mac os X, or applications
    my software interacts with)
  - define new versions of a software or link to a version
    definition (e.g. trac already knows about software versions)
  - run the tests, i.e. select tests (by groups, severity, combination
    of those or manual), and then go through them one by one,
    entering data, such as if the test passed, how long it took
    or other important data
  - reports: see the test status, so I can find out what features
    of my software were already tested, what hasn't been tested
    for a long time, or which features are still broken.

and for maximum quality assurance, it might be nice if bugs
not only have open/closed, but also unverified/verified,
and if a bug or ticket can be linked to a test, and if that
test is successful run on a new version, the bug is automatically
closed or marked as verified.

so far I'm doing all my testing myself, mostly with a couple of
text files, where i not down what I tested and how, and try to
redo all that, or at least parts, every time I release a new version
of my open source software. but it would be nice to formalize the
whole process and be able to share the work with several people.
a database tracking what needs to be done, results and progress
would be some help.

I found tools that integrate into bugzilla like qatraq 
(www.testmanagement.com - quite big and heavy), or testopia
( http://www.mozilla.org/projects/testopia/ - a bugzilla extension
so bugzilla does both).

but I don't want bugzilla - I use trac everywhere and like it a
lot, so I wonder if I can find something similar that works well
with trac or is even a trac plugin.

I found a page listing many test management tools:
but none of them seems to play nice with trac.

Regards, Andreas

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