great! it worked!

it has worked great. i had to do a trac-admin resync, but
that was easy.

i will see where this fits in the wiki and will try to prepare
a page.

thanks so much!

2007/10/19, Emmanuel Blot <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > i'd love to help, but i have no idea on how to
> > start migrating the DB, nor if there is any
> > documentation about that. i checked already
> > several times.
> I'm sure it's in the MailingList archive, but perhaps hard to find.
> You need sqlite (i.e. sqlite command line tool for v2 db) and sqlite3
> (i.e. the same for v3 db).
> # always back up...
> cp trac.db trac.db.orig
> # dump the DB (v2) into a portable archive file
> sqlite trac.db .dump > trac.sql
> # remove the exising DB file
> rm trac.db
> # create a new DB (v3) and reload it with the archive file
> sqlite3 trac.db ".read trac.sql"
> HTH,
> Manu
> >

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