Yes. You can do a get request on the URL for new ticket and add the

This is how I have done it.


A couple of points to note -

1) If the value you are passing to a particular ticket parameter in the URL
contains space, you can use + as the separator. If the values contain other
characters like quotes, @ etc. you should do a URL encoding of the values.

2) The name of the parameter you pass into the URL is a bit different from
the name of the corresponding INPUT element in the "New ticket" HTML form.
However, you can derive the parameter name by stripping field_ from the html
element name e.g. the html element for keywords field is named
'field_keywords', the corresponding URL parameter is 'keywords'(as you'd see
in the above sample URL format)

3) If the size of the URL gets large, you might need into the limit on the
GET request posted by most web servers. But it should be atleast 1024 bytes,
and based on your use case below, I guess you won't run into that problem.


On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 12:32 PM, Jani Tiainen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Is it possible to feed default values to ticket through url?
> I've few projects that has multiple customers and instead of always
> doing many cliks to get correct values I would like to have URL
> shortcusts (or similiars) to automatically fill some fields for me. Is
> this possible?
> --
> Jani Tiainen
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>  Tein sen, en yhtään enempää." - Martti Servo & Napander
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