Hey Roger,

In order to solve wiki hierarchy issue, we've using two plugins available in
 - resourcetoolsplugin - which allows to attach properties to trac resources
 - wikitoolsplugin - which provides wiki page hierarchy (based on resource
properties, parent resource is stored as a resource property)

To see it in action : http://code.optaros.com/trac/oforge/wiki/TitleIndex
(TRAC_ADMIN user can also edit page hierarchy using drag&drop)

Code available here:
 - trac:


 - svn:


In order to see the wiki tree, ShowTree macro needs to be called in your
wiki pages.
        [[ShowTree()]] - full index tree relatively to top page.
        [[ShowTree(all)]] - full index tree.
        [[ShowTree(root=RootPage)]] - provides links to the full index tree.
        [[ShowTree(depth=4)]] - indicating how many levels of children the
tree should show.
        [[ShowTree(title=This is a nice title)]]
        [[ShowTree(editable=1)]] - Makes tree editable.

I'll try to find some time to put those plugins on trac-hacks.

Hope it helps.

Thank you,
Catalin Balan

2009/6/22 Roger Oberholtzer <roger.oberholt...@gmail.com>

> I am considering adding wiki pages in a heirarchy, e.g.,
>        wiki/program/doc/a
>        wiki/program/doc/b
>        wiki/program/doc/c
>        wiki/program/options/a
>        wiki/program/options/b
>        wiki/program/options/c
> or some such arrangement. Part of this is that I want to do things like
> use the Include macro to include, say, wiki/program/options/a in
> wiki/program/doc/a. One reason for this is that some parts are generated
> by a program, and some by users. This layout allows me to change them
> independently. The exact reason, nonetheless, it not the real issue.
> The Page Template part of the wiki is what lead me down this path: it
> uses a hierarchy in the wiki name space. Perhaps that is not generalized
> to all pages? Like how the pages are listed in the Index.
> Two questions:
> 1) Any obvious cons to this? Or better ways to get a hierarchical
> organization? I had tried names, like ProgramDocXa, ProgramDocXb,
> ProgramOptionsXa. But this was not to local tastes.
> 2) Should it be possible, with trac-admin, to include wiki pages that
> are in a directory hierarchy and have that hierarchy be maintained in
> the wiki pages, as described above? I think the 'wiki load' command only
> takes files from the current directory and places them in project/wiki.
> I am considering moving some program documentation from OpenOffice docs
> into a trac wiki. Printed versions are to be done via the
> TracWikiPrintPlugin.
> Anyone else gone this route?
> >

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