On Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 8:45:25 AM UTC-7, mickeyf wrote:
> I appears that the plug-in has loaded with no error reported, however, I 
> am getting not notifications. I would next suspect an error in my 
> configuration, but I have copied the example of the ini file entry directly 
> from the wiki, changing only the recipients to a valid email, and then 
> later to simplify testing, I set .condition = ${true}. Perhaps my 
> .recipients is not correct syntax? May I use a simple single email address 
> here? Does the email or list of emails need to be defined elsewhere?

That part looks okay.

Is the plugin enabled?:

workflow_notification.* = enabled 

Another way to confirm that the plugin is enabled is to check the Plugin 
admin page: /admin/general/plugin



If that looks good, you can see there are some debug-level messages emitted 
by WorkflowNotificationPlugin:

I'd check the logs after performing the appropriate action on a ticket and 
look for related debug-level messages. It looks like there are messages 
emitted when the message is sent, as well as when it's skipped.

Which Trac version are you running?

- Ryan

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