On Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 1:32:59 PM UTC, Joerg Pleumann wrote:
> Hi,
> sorry is this has been discussed before, but we cannot seem to make it 
> work: We are using Trac 1.2.2 and want to display an image with clickable 
> hyperlink regions that point to other Trac wiki pages. SVG is preferred 
> because of scalability, but unfortunately the links got lost when rendering 
> the SVG. We can choose between a link to the graphic itself (default 
> behavior) or one that is not clickable at all (map/usemap, from here 
> <https://trac.edgewall.org/ticket/4969>). A bitmap with HTML clickable 
> regions would also be ok. I guess we could always try to express the whole 
> thing as inline HTML code and use static resources from "somewhere", but 
> that does not seem so maintainable/elegant.
> Any hints are appreciated.
> Cheers
> Joerg

I haven't used image maps very often, but it seems like #4969 is 
misleading. The Image macro use the value of the usermap argument when 
generating the img element. I'm not sure that an attachment like 
"photomap.txt" is supported as a value for the usermap argument. It looks 
like usermap must refer to a usermap element in the HTML. Therefore, I 
assume the only way is to put the usermap element inline in the HTML using 
a WikiProcessor.

For example, PlantUmlMacro supports image maps (1). The markup looks like 

<map id="49d3988d0f436b1348b6e28a52057c7dda5d8b11_map" 
<area shape="rect" id="id1" href="http://www.google.com"; 
title="http://www.google.com"; alt="" coords="8,3,48,117">
<img src="/proj-1.0/plantuml?id=49d3988d0f436b1348b6e28a52057c7dda5d8b11" 

It may be that I'm not entirely following your usecase. Could you provide a 
concrete example?

- Ryan

(1) https://trac-hacks.org/ticket/10998


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