I am trying to restructure our main Wiki page. It is supposed to contain a 
calendar rendered by the WeekPlan plugin and vertical menu of important 
wiki pages to the right (or left, whatever works). I cannot get this done 
properly. Apparently the WeekPlan plugin does not like to share horizontal 
space with other elements. Am I doing something wrong? Is there an easy 
workaround? I also tried to build an invisible table using several #!html 
blocks, but it did not work because Trac forces each #!html to be 
well-formed in itself.

Any hints are appreciated.

Best regards

Source code:

= Headline! =


{{{#!box align=right width=200 


 * Topic1
 * Topic2
 * Topic3
 * Topic4
 * Topic5


 * Topic1
 * Topic2
 * Topic3
 * Topic4
 * Topic5



Result in attached picture.

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