On Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 5:23:34 AM UTC-8, Joerg Pleumann wrote:
> Hi Ryan,
> a bit difficult without posting the whole thing here. I'll try. We have a 
> process diagram drawn in PowerPoint that contains a hyperlink for each 
> process element. When we export this to SVG and load this into a browser we 
> have clickable links. These links get lost when rendering the SVG in a Wiki 
> page. We have the choice of linking the whole image to its "download me" 
> page or no links at all. Can this be worked around? The alternative is a 
> bitmap with an image map, which we could not make work either, though I'll 
> try your hint.
> Thanks & best regards
> Joerg

If you continue to have trouble, maybe try developing a simple example that 
replicates the issue, which you could submit here.

- Ryan

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