On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 1:47 AM, Robert Grubba <rgru...@gmail.com> wrote:

> well, allmost there:
> root@trac:~# pip install svn+https://trac-hacks.org/svn/
> googleanalyticsintegration/1.0/
> Downloading/unpacking svn+https://trac-hacks.org/svn/
> googleanalyticsintegration/1.0/
>   Checking out https://trac-hacks.org/svn/googleanalyticsintegration/1.0/
> to /tmp/pip-f3LmUa-build
>   Running setup.py (path:/tmp/pip-f3LmUa-build/setup.py) egg_info for
> package from svn+https://trac-hacks.org/svn/googleanalyticsintegration/1.
> 0/
> Installing collected packages: TracGoogleAnalytics
>   Running setup.py install for TracGoogleAnalytics
>   Could not find .egg-info directory in install record for
> TracGoogleAnalytics==0.3.0.dev0 from svn+https://trac-hacks.org/svn/
> googleanalyticsintegration/1.0/
> Successfully installed TracGoogleAnalytics
> Cleaning up...
Doh. Missed checking in a file. I tested with pip install from svn and it
should work now.

- Ryan

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