On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 3:34 AM, Nicolas MARTIN <ntm...@locean.upmc.fr>

> As suggested by docutils configuration doc, I made some tests on a hidden
> .docutils file in the so-called HOME of the project (./trac, ./svn, ...).

I assume ./svn is the root of your Subversion repository. What is ./trac,
if not the environment directory?

> It is outside of the Trac environment defined by TRAC_ENV variable in
> Apache conf and I still don't know what has changed in the system to take
> it into account.

I was expecting only /etc/docutils.conf to be considered, since the web
server often runs as a user that doesn't have a home directory and it seems
like "current directory" only applies when executing docutils from the
command line.

- Ryan

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