Am Montag, 2. Dezember 2019 19:24:24 UTC+1 schrieb Mo:
> There is no way to achieve a consistent layout. If the ticket view is as 
> expected, then the editor is wrong and vice versa.
> Even if I add an empty dummy field, the number of columns/rows is always 
> different in viewer and editor.
> Would it be possible to add some more field types like "placeholder" or 
> "linebreak"?

 After getting GroupTicketFieldsPlugin working I think I can solve lot of 
the stuff with that.
Creating such a group and adding fields to it I have a linebreak and fixed 
layout inside the group as expected.

There are just some minor things that I'm going to address as tickets to 
the GroupTicketFieldsPlugin:

Then what is also not possible currently with the Trac-1.4 core, is placing 
custom fields in front of core fields. Like the "Project" fields from 
SimpleMultiProjectPlugin, that cannot be set as first field. This would be 
important because it filters the list of Versions and Components.

Best regards,
- Mo

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