Hello Carlos,

Great, this 'split' together with the domain ontologies will make it
now more easy to more widely deploy Tracker's SPARQL endpoint in all
sorts of environments. That includes containers, infotainment systems,
desktops and ... who knows what the spooks and the people will come up

If now the default ontology also becomes a package, then tracker-miner-
fs could depend on that ontology package, and the ontology package
could depend on tracker.

That way a standard tracker installation wouldn't even come with
Nepomuk. Only when tracker-miner-fs gets installed, would a (desktop)
user get a complete situation with SPARQL endpoint, Nepomuk as domain
ontology and tracker-miner-fs as file system mining.

Applications that want to operate on the Nepomuk domain could then join
tracker-miner-fs's domain URN, and could even create a new one that
still uses Nepomuk in case they wouldn't want to share the domain with
tracker-miner-fs. And finally, they can also define their very own
ontology and domain URN, for their own class of applications.

Great news that all this stuff is happening!

I hope to see many consumers of it in the coming years ahead of us.

ps. It would someday be cute if the SQLite layer would be a little bit
less intertwined with tracker's core code. Then perhaps someday people
could port tracker to other DBs. Not sure about it, as tracker is
really not for the big-data world in my opinion. We really designed it
to be used embedded within another appliance (containers, desktops,
mobile&embedded, etc).


On Thu, 2017-08-03 at 19:44 +0200, Carlos Garnacho wrote:
> (cross-posting to tracker and distributor-list MLs, please stick to
> the one you consider most appropriate on replies)
> Hi all,
> After a massive cleanup in tracker, the miners have been finally
> split
> from the Tracker core, they can now be found at:
> https://git.gnome.org/browse/tracker-miners
> The core is composed of all libraries plus tracker-store, and can
> still be found at:
> https://git.gnome.org/browse/tracker
> This new tracker-miners is to be built and packaged separately. I
> will
> add a pkgconfig file before the release scheduled for early next week
> so direct consumers of data extracted by these miners can depend on
> it.
> In the mean time, jhbuild and gnome-continuous have been updated.
> Cheers,
>   Carlos
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