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> Hi,

Hi Jeffrey,

> I am trying to use tramp to edit not-very-large files on a remote
> server. I have used tramp from other machines on this same server
> without problem. Smaller files do not have any problems. However, with
> files above at least 14406 bytes (I have not figured out exactly what
> the threshold is), I can only load or save the files once every 10 or
> so
> tries. I am using ssh keys via ssh-agent from within a crostini
> container. I'm not sure what is going wrong.
> Any advice would be most welcome! 

Apparently, you use the scp method. There is an optimization: for files
shorter than `tramp-copy-size-limit' (10240 bytes), scp is not applied
directly, but ssh is preferred. That seems to work. One obvious
workaround would be to use the Tramp ssh method.

Furtheron, you could set `tramp-verbose' to 6. Rerun your test, and in
case it fails, send the Tramp debug buffer. It has a name like
*debug tramp/scp leavitt*.

Best regards, Michael.

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