​Hello everyone.  This is my first time emailing this list, so I hope I'm
doing it right.

I recently posted a thread
at Wikidata project chat about a bot I've created (source code
The bot's main function is to create descriptions for items based on the
structured data present, but as a "while it's in the neighborhood"
function, I also wanted it to update the items' labels in languages where
one can safely assume that the native name is also the name in that
language.  The question, though, becomes which languages those are.  So
that's why I'm posting here.  If you look at the linked thread, I've
identified 196 supported languages which exclusively use Latin script, and
53 with which I think this assumption can be safely made.  Are there ones I
included that aren't safe to use?  Are there ones I didn't include that
*would* be?  Any help here would be greatly appreciated, as this could be
used on all sorts of proper nouns on Wikidata.

Also, as I mentioned in the link thread, if anyone wants to submit a
translation in their preferred language for "village in <place>, <parent
place>, <country>", that would be greatly welcome.


Tom Kelly / PinkAmpersand​
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