I just reviewed draft-ietf-trill-transport-over-mpls-01, with particular
attention to the pseudowire encapsulation used in sections 3.4 and 4.3.
While technically correct, the details were a bit on the sparse side,
especially for section 3.4. I’ve got some suggested replacement text:

Section 3.4:

Use of VPLS [RFC4762] to interconnect TRILL sites requires no changes to a
VPLS implementation, in particular the use of Ethernet pseudowires between
VPLS PEs. A VPLS PE receives normal Ethernet frames from an RBridge (i.e.,
CE) and is not aware that the CE is an RBridge device. As a result, an
MPLS-encapsulated TRILL packet within the MPLS network will use the format
illustrated in Appendix A of [RFC7173].

Section 4.3:

The VPTS model uses PPP pseudowires for MPLS encapsulation as specified in
[RFC7173], and requires no changes in the packet format in that RFC.

The existing section titles are fine.

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