This begins a 2 week WG LC on two drafts on group keying:   Simple Group
Keying Protocol and the profiles for simple key profiles to apply simple
group keying to the multi-destination TIRLL Extended Rbridge Channel message
and the TRILL -over IP (trill-over-ip) packet security. 


draft-ietf-trill-group-keying which can be found at:




These two drafts are being WG LC together because the provide a solution for
security for TRILL.


Please consider: 

1)      Is this technology which we have discussed for the last 2 years -
ready for publication? 

2)      Do you think these will solve the security issues we've discussed
with TRILL Extended Rbridge Channel message TRILL-over-IP packet security? 

3)      Do you see any problems with the solution? 



Susan Hares 

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