Support this work and it is ready for publication.

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Subject: WG LC for draft-ietf-trill-multilevel-single-nickname-05.txt 
(1/26/2018 to 2/9/2018)
This begins a 2 week WG LC  on draft-ietf-trill-multilevel-single-nickname 
which you can access at:

Please consider the following questions:

1)       Does this draft help us build multilevel TRILL and manage RBridge 
nicknames in multilevel TRILL?

2)      Will this solution help in deployments?

3)      Is this document ready for publication?

Thank you for your review.

This weekend you will see several other WG LCs as this is the final week for WG 
Last Calls for the TRILL WG.   Please review drafts and be prompt in your 
response.  We cannot extend the time period for these WG LCs.

Cheerily, Susan Hares
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