As is customary, I have done my AD review of
First, I would like to thank the authors - Radia, Fangwei, Donald, Kesava,
and Ting - for
their work on this draft.

I have no substantive comments, though a few nits are below.

When I have received the shepherd's report, I will put this into IETF Last
Call and target it for the March 8 telechat.


a) Sec 3: "The Smart Endnode solution proposed in this document " - should
be "defined" or such instead of "proposed".

b) Sec 3: "smart ennodes which can encapsulate" - "ennodes" should be

c) Sec 3: "capbillity" should be capability

d) Sec 5.2: "endnod's"  shoould be "endnode's"

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