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I was very surprised to see the following in the security considerations
section and would like to work with you on improvements.
   As an informational document specifying methods that use only
   existing standards and facilities, this document has no effect on

Having watched many TRILL documents go by in the last 4 years, we didn't push
too hard on security in some cases as a result of the restriction to a campus
network.  This particular document extends into multi-tenancy where there are
certainly security considerations introduced to be able to provide isolation
properties.  MPLS offers no security and it is being used to join TRILL
campuses as described int his draft.  This is done without any requirement of
an overlay protocol to provide security - why is that the case?  Minimally, the
considerations need to be explained.  Ideally, a solution should be offered to
protect tenants when TRILL campuses are joined.

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