On 02/20/2018 12:05 AM, mtsio wrote:
> On 20/02/2018 04:47 πμ, Ruben Rodriguez wrote:
>>   * Add two packages to the build system that should be pre-installed by
>> default: GNU Ring and the Electrum wallet.
> What's the recommended  way to add GNU Ring? Is it necessary to build it
> ourselves?

We need to pull from a repo in debian format, as it stands now our build
system can only pull from that (so either ubuntu, debian, a ppa, etc).
Given that, not building the packages (importing them directly at the
repo level) doesn't give a big advantage. In the case of those examples,
they are packaged correctly in the debian repos but we would also need
to add the build dependencies, so it is a little extra work (and more
potential for breakage down the road).
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