tomlukeywood you're right,it was because of lvm partitioning.I've installed Trisquel 7 in text mode successfully.

Now i have another issue:
The X60 is costantly beeping but at lower volume than the louder beep of a bios error code.

I'm almost sure that is not a:
Ram issue(because i've tried few sodimms)
Hard Disk (because i've run a live system with a physically removed drive)
Os (i've tried Trisquel 6 and Trisquel 7 noticing the same beepy noise)

If i scroll the page on the browser the noise get triggered and then continues to beep. If i open quickly lots of tabs on the browser the noise disappear until i stop to click constantly.

Somethingwrong with the motherboard?

Might be the fan not working properly?

Is there something that i can check or try to set on the Libreboot BIOS?

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