Indeed, we must be careful not to post such things without clear proof.

If there's an accusation, there has to be a proof.

This ends my main comment.

Some back-story involving me:

I once studied in a college were I was persuaded into signing a petition
requesting the college to hire again a past worker. The person who
handed the petition to me told me that the college fired the worker due
to his/her sex orientation. But the petition didn't mention this
clearly. I was young at the time, so I signed it,

Since the director of that college was also a teacher there, he once
mentioned the petition he received to the class in the open, and
threatened me for what I did. As the issue unfolded some weeks later, we
decided to contact the person fired and ask him/her to meet us with the
documents that he/she received when fired (including his/her worker's
handbook). During the meeting, we were told that the firing had a clear
reason/justification, and we also checked the relevant documentation,
only to find out that the director was right. The worker was repeatedly
absent, didn't present a reasonable statement (generally, a medical
one), and wasn't in his/her vacation.

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