Ruben (quidam) and the rest of yous need to take this situation seriously and try hard not to blame the victim. The potential victim is an ex-employee of the FSF. Leah Rowe is doing the right thing by bringing attention to this issue and supporting the potential victim. The FSF's official response doesn't address the situation correctly nor adequately and it's clear that more work needs to be done within that organization ... that is, if the organization truly intends to be inclusive of all people.

I'm in agreement with Leah that folks should stop donating to GNU and FSF until something more substantial has been done by them.

As RMS stated, the official action taken by the FSF was unrelated to the gender of the employee. This may be true, however, he needs to insist that the FSF look into the UNOFFICIAL actions of its employees, especially those actions that may have caused this ex-employee harm.

For me, Leah's story about the ex-employee rings true as I can imagine folks being hateful and ignorant in situations like that. IT HAPPENS at every workplace. I think this is the reason it potentially rings true to all of you as well, either because you've seen this kind of discrimination (sexism, transphobia, misogyny, racism, classism, etc...) yourself or you've done it yourself.

Can the FSF make improvements to make their workplace safer and more welcoming to more people? Yes, definitely. It's wrong to say that somehow the FSF has a perfect work environment. It's equally wrong to say that Ruben (quidam) is completely innocent without seeing more information.

Lots of things many take for granted may need to be changed in order to be a more inclusive and welcoming organization. For instance, the lack of co-ed bathrooms and not putting preferred gender fields in personnel files and on ID badges may contribute to a more difficult experience for transgender employees.

So, no, the FSF and Ruben are not perfect and they never will be. It's now up to them to admit that they're not perfect and learn from their mistakes, even if their mistakes don't involve the situation Leah describes. They need to break through the machismo surrounding this conversation by humbling themselves and being open to the possibility that the three people Leah mentions did something hurtful. If they can't admit this basic fact about not being perfect and if they cannot remain open about this important issue, then yeah, Leah's totally right about them not deserving to be around anymore.

P.S. I single out Ruben here because I know he reads this forum and he's one of the three folks listed by the Libreboot project as having to be removed from the FSF. I know he reads this forum because he recently posted in another forum topic ( and if he's not at least reading through this topic, then he's far more messed up than Leah describes.

P.P.S Ruben, you know what would win you a lot of points in this situation ... if you wrote a comment here admitting your imperfections, admitting that you need help understanding and accepting transgender folks, and asking for suggestions on how to make this forum, Trisquel, and the other projects you work on (maybe including the FSF) more inclusive. We've all made mistakes, we all need to learn more about transgender and LGBT issues, and we all need to admit this to ourselves and to those around us.

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