> The potential victim is an ex-employee of the FSF. Leah Rowe is doing the right thing by bringing attention to this issue and supporting the potential victim.

No. Leah has not provided one shred of evidence for what supposedly happened, or even explained what supposedly happened. If her accusation is true, there are proper venues for the ex-employee to use. Spreading rumors is not one of them.

> For me, Leah's story about the ex-employee rings true as I can imagine folks being hateful and ignorant in situations like that.

I can imagine a Tyrannosaurus rampaging through New York City. That doesn't make it reality.

I can also imagine plenty of reasons why a vindictive ex-employee who was fired for legitimate reasons might want to spread false allegations about her former employer. I'm not going to claim that's what's happening here; I don't know. But the point is, it's not rational to assume that the FSF is guilty of discrimination because someone says so (without even explaining what supposedly happened, let alone providing evidence) just because you can imagine it happening.

> you've seen this kind of discrimination (sexism, transphobia, misogyny, racism, classism, etc...) yourself or you've done it yourself.

Nope, never. And by the way, bigotry and discrimination are not the same thing, as you suggest they are.

> It's equally wrong to say that Ruben (quidam) is completely innocent without seeing more information.

No, it's wrong to do anything but presume innocence until evidence of guilt is presented. No evidence of guilt has been presented.

> P.S. I single out Ruben here because I know he reads this forum

No, he doesn't. He only reads what is specifically pointed out to him e.g. on IRC.

> if he's not at least reading through this topic, then he's far more messed up than Leah describes.

This is nonsensical drama based on accusations without evidence. It's quite funny, but I don't want Ruben wasting his time on this.

> Ruben, you know what would win you a lot of points in this situation ... if you wrote a comment here admitting your imperfections, admitting that you need help understanding and accepting transgender folks, and asking for suggestions on how to make this forum, Trisquel, and the other projects you work on (maybe including the FSF) more inclusive.

HELL no. That would not be a "win", that would be an unreasonable concession. Ruben doesn't need help "understanding and accepting transgender folks". Transgender people are just that: people. We don't need to be treated like some sort of protected class. I don't want to be in a protected class.

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