"Even if it has some merit I think it would be a mistake to assume that the FSF would be doing nothing about it behind closed doors. This is not an appropriate conversation to have with anyone outside of the organization."

Yeah, I would hope so too. However, it's very difficult to tell this from the official FSF response about this issue. I think the FSF can do a better job with that response and let folks know they are (and maybe always do) handle things like this appropriately ... instead of appearing to deny and ignore.

"And I certainly won't be suspending donations over what is almost certainly a false allegation."

I don't know how you can say this without having more info. I mean, I get how you won't suspend your donations, but not how you know it's "almost certainly a false allegation."

What do you all do at ThinkPenguin to ensure a welcoming, warm, safe environment for your employees?

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