I find her behavior appalling. What she doesn't seem to get is that she's probably done everything possible to turn the sympathy of the community away from her friend, no matter the truth behind the allegations. She has just publicly embarrassed herself and tarnished the reputation of libreboot.

 > Which is these people:
> Stephen Mahood
> Ruben Rodriguez

hay, this action is likely to direct harassment towards the people named. It could be risking their personal safety, and that of disconnected parties, such as their families. We know how vicious people can be, especially when afforded anonymity over the Internet.

and She wants donations returned!??
hay, That's not how donations work. You can't just turn around a year later and demand it back.

I know Leah and I know the people accused. Leah's statements are without merit and twisted into things because she is mad. She has a clear history of making false and/or misleading statements against people and organizations she perceives to have wronged her.

have fun and be free
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