Hello, everyone. Before literally week learned about the philosophy of GNU. I was amazed by the ethics of this incredible project. Basically I was a Windows user for many years, but decided to switch entirely to GNU operating system. And I know full name of the system is GNU/Linux, but in this forum think it is no problem to call it simply GNU. I installed on my Windows computer Debian GNU system, then Trisquel. I was fascinated, I want to use it in the future. I hope you understand what I mean. I studied the system and it was not hard. Then I read about the other projects as Coreboot and Libreboot. I read what laptops can be flashed. An amazing coincidence that I have an old laptop Lenovo x60. I installed Debian Stable GNU system on x60 without non-free parts. As I read that flashing could only be achieved with Debian system. I apologize in advance if I'm not familiar with some things, just recently I come in this area. I read the documentation, I took different things from sites to put Libreboot on my laptop, but it does not work. Whatever you try does not work. I tried the same old stable packages. Trying for 3 days in the software way, but coming errors like: Command not founded, You do not have permissions or otherwise. I do not know what happens, do everything written, but does not work. Even watching clips in Youtube, same story... Can anyone help me with new documentation or to flash for me if programs like TeamViewer exist in GNU/Linux? I would be very grateful if someone help me. I want to have a free computer.

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