I use an X200 laptop with Libreboot and Trisquel 7. I am grateful to Stallman, Rodríguez and Rowe for it; Stallman for starting the GNU OS, Rodríguez for starting the Trisquel distribution, and Rowe for starting Libreboot. By coincidence, I happened to have the chances to talk with the three of them, either in person or through e-mail. For me, having the three of them becoming enemies is like the end of the world.

One has to stick to truth, though. This is a account of the story so far as reported to this forum:

1. One person is fired from the Free Software Foundation. This is a fact acknowledged by all, no controversy here.

2. The dismissed person isn't saying anything, at least publicly. Again, this is a fact. Some have asked not to name this person in order to preserve privacy, and I feel that to be right so I am keeping from writing the name - as long as this person doesn't willingly come up.

3. Rowe claims that "A transgender employee at the FSF was being harassed by a transphobic colleague for being trans" and is asking for three disciplinary dismissals at FSF: Sullivan, Mahood and Rodríguez. Now, this is not a witness' claim - as far as I know, the FSF workcenter is in the USA and Rowe works in UK, there is a ocean between those workcenters. This claim is not a fact, but an opinion from someone who didn't witness the actual events.

4. The FSF is denying the claim.

Now, how will this matter evolve over time?

i. At present, Rowe's claim is an unsubstantiated claim, backed by none - not even the alleged victim. If no change happens, time will judge Rowe's claim just as an unjustifiable, vicious attack on FSF.

ii. Should the dismissed person accuse the FSF for discrimination, then the situation would be different. At least there would be a substantiated claim, there would be someone saying "this thing happened to me" - though it still had to be verified. Then either this person would sue the FSF for discrimination, of the FSF would sue this person for defamation, or both (or none, but I find that to be quite improbable). Then judgement on the case would be provided by the sentence(s).

iii. Should not the dismissed person come up, there still could be grounds for a defamation suit against Rowe as long as Sullivan, Mahood and Rodríguez are named by Rowe in relation with the case. Should this happen, again judgement on the case would be provided by the sentence.

In the meanwhile, having all kind of speculations running around is just harmful, as is the thread "If Rubén harassed Libreboot's Leah Rowe, he should be fired and Trisquel shut down" - I agree with Legimet who says, "Don't feed the troll".

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